Freshman in the water

Athletics at Jesuit High School have always been competitive, and water polo is no exception. Because of this, it’s an impressive feat for a freshman to start on the varsity team, and Keegan Moore ’23 did exactly that. 

Playing water polo for seven years before high school, Keegan is now performing a mostly offensive role in the Jesuit pool. Having enjoyed his time in the water, Keegan is excited to be in the playoffs as the Marauders play a second-round game tonight against Rocklin High School.

Our team this year is a capable group, Keegan said. “I think we can and will have multiple opportunities to produce favorable results.”

Without a doubt, Keegan has been instrumental in helping his team capitalize on opportunities to produce winning results, and Keegan’s excellent performance this season has not escaped the notice of Head Varsity Water Polo Coach Zac Koerner. 

“Keegan has a lot of [water polo] experience coming in as a freshman,” Coach Koerner said. “He also has a lot of physical tools that have prepared him to be ready to play at the varsity level so soon.”

Coach Koerner isn’t the only one noticing Keegan’s talent and hard work. Teammate Ivan Soshnikov ’20 sees many promising things in Keegan.

“Keegan is an extremely talented freshman,” Ivan said. “He is very versatile and already has a pivotal role on the team. His ability to play tough defense and convert in the front court has seriously shown in important games.”

Ivan shares a similar experience of varsity water polo as he also made varsity as a freshman. Looking forward, Ivan sees a bright future for Keegan.

“Our water polo program consistently produces some of the best water polo players in the country,” Ivan said. “Looking towards the future, if Keegan stays healthy and continues to work hard, he is bound to be one of the best in the section.”

Keegan is a rising young talent and looks to make a difference in the pool over his next four years at Jesuit.