Juniors get a taste of the professional future

On April 16 at Jesuit High School, 44 alumni speakers returned to campus in order to expose current juniors to different professional avenues in an event known as Alumni Career Day.

The Administrative Assistant for the Counseling Department, Ms. Wazhma Kakar, elaborates on the objective of Alumni Career Day.

“The purpose of the day is to have Jesuit alumni share the wide variety and breadth of professions that are available today, what they considered when selecting their college path, and what helped them as they began their professional journey,” Ms. Kakar said. “We want our students to gain a more informed idea about possible pathways, potential majors, and careers to pursue and demonstrate the networking ability they have access to as a Jesuit graduate.”

Director of Alumni Relations, Mr. Kyle Tooley ’13, also shared his take on why giving students exposure to different professions is very beneficial.

“It’s nice for [the students] to go and listen to what guys do, maybe get inspired,” Mr. Tooley said. “I think the most important part is for students [to get] that exposure to different careers and the ability to network.”

Michael Equi ’20, a junior who attended Alumni Career Day, explains what he took away from the event.

“I liked hearing the stories of the speakers at career day,” Michael said. “I originally thought that there would not be much for me to get out of career day since I know where my passion lies and what I want to do in life, however, after talking with some of the speakers and getting to hear their stories, I believe that there was a lot to learn about what the world is like outside of school.”

Alumni will continue to return to Jesuit in the upcoming years in order to speak to our junior class about the various professions available to students after they graduate.