Shared brotherhood

One of the many ways the brotherhood at Jesuit High School manifests is in the relationships shared by teammates. And, although Isaiah Bailey ’15 and his brother Kendric Bailey ’19 never played on the same team, they can share in the brotherhood of being alumni of Jesuit’s football team.

“Being a part of the Jesuit football team was an amazing experience that is hard to put in words,” Kendric said. “I created so many great relationships with friends and teammates and being on the football team helped me grow as a man personally.”

Isaiah graduated from Jesuit as a standout football player, playing as a wide receiver and defensive back. During his senior year, Isaiah tallied a remarkable total of 876 receiving yards.

After graduating, Isaiah went on to play for two years at Sierra College in Rocklin before transferring to Alabama A&M for his final years of eligibility.

His younger brother, Kendric, also played receiver for Jesuit for the last four seasons, and this year he averaged 30 yards per game, accumulating 599 receiving yards. Kendric will be following in Isaiah’s footsteps by beginning his college football career at Sacramento City College.

Kendric sees Isaiah as a role model and is grateful for all he has learned from his older brother.

“My brother has taught me so many things on and off the field,” Kendric said. “He’s taught me how to be a great football player on the field, and he taught me how to remain patient and helped me get through adversity. He’s taught me how to drive and cook and play other sports like basketball.”

Isaiah hopes that Kendric will be the best version of himself.

“I try to be a role model for Kendric, but I also encourage him to do better than I did,” Isaiah said. “I was happy with how Kendric played this season. He finally had the chance to come into his own and show what he is capable of.”

Isaiah is appreciative of his football career and is confident that Kendric is capable of big achievements in the sport.

“My goals are to just continue to play football as long as I can,” Isaiah said. “I love and enjoy football but know it won’t last long. My goals for [Kendric] are to just stay humble and hungry and the rest will take care of itself.”

The Bailey brothers are some of the most accomplished football players in recent Marauder history, and they continue to represent Jesuit well.