Finding the man you were made to be

The Jesuit High School sophomore retreat is a time for second-year students to take a break and reflect on themselves.

The retreat is a step on the journey of becoming a man for others. The retreat program guides

students into making the right decisions to be healthy in their mind and body.

“The theme of the sophomore retreat is the man that I am made to be, so it’s really a chance for sophomores to step off of campus, step out of their crazy busy lives and think about who they were made to be,” said Ms. Barnes, director of the Senior Retreat Team (SRT).

The Senior Retreat Team is a group of seniors who lead the other grade levels on their various retreats. They guide the sophomores on their retreat to be more open to themselves and their peers.

SRT member Jack Mumm ’19 led a group of sophomores on their retreat in December.

“During the beginning of the retreat, the sophomores were somewhat closed off and didn’t seem as though they wanted to talk,” said Jack. “However, as the day went on and the Senior Retreat Team members gave different talks and reflections, the sophomores began to open up more.”

Opening up and being honest with yourself is an important part of spiritual growth. By opening up during the retreat, sophomores can grow in their relationship with God and others.

“This retreat allowed everybody to get a chance to reflect on themselves and build a greater relationship towards God,” said Aaron Chou ’21, a participant in the first-semester retreat.

The next sophomore retreats are on Feb. 25 and March 4. As we near closer to these dates, each sophomore will be preparing himself to become the man that he is made to be.