Jesuit students donate blood for a good cause


Shane Lavery '20 | The Plank

Luke Williams waits patiently while donating blood for this year’s blood drive.

The morning of Tuesday, Jan. 15, Jesuit High School students lined up in the Little Theater to give blood for this year’s annual Blood Drive. The event was an overall success with 85 students and faculty registered to donate.

During the winter months, blood donations generally drop off due to the holidays as well as the flu season. As a result, the extra infusions of blood from Jesuit and other schools are necessary to keep up with the continuous demand of blood for patients.

Blood Source, the organization that receives the blood, is instrumental in saving numerous lives each year. They provide blood to around 1000 hospitals across 40 states.

One of last year’s participants, Austin Fitzpatrick ’20, expressed why he came back to donate again.

“I did the blood drive last year, and it seemed like a good cause, and it felt gratifying donating blood,” Austin said.

Having just donated his own blood, participant Tyler Harrison ’21 might not have been feeling at his best, but he was glad he participated.

“Before, I was pretty nervous that it might hurt or that I might faint, but after it felt really rewarding to give back,” Tyler said.

Zach Lund ’20, another participant in the Blood Drive, also shared in the sentiment that the Blood Drive was not only a great personal experience but one that truly embodies the school spirit.

“I Believe the Blood Drive is important because the blood goes to people who need it, which helps us to be better men for others,” Zach said.

A total of 70 pints of blood were donated which will go to saving numerous lives this winter season. The annual Blood Drive at Jesuit has become an iconic event that shows the school’s commitment to service, and those that participate show what being “Men for Others looks like in action.