Shark in the Water

Ivan “Vonya” Soshnikov ’20 is a standout player in Jesuit High School’s varsity water polo program. He tore up the pool this year, and his success has been attributed to his undeniable work ethic.

“Vonya has grown tremendously since the first time he started playing here at Jesuit,” Head Coach Zach Koerner said. “Every six months, you can look back at Vonya and see improvement in his game because he is a tireless worker and [is] 100 percent committed to the process of trying to improve himself both in the classroom and in the pool.”

Vonya has spent hours training in the gym and in the pool. Since his first start, Vonya’s overall insight into the game has sharpened along with his impeccable shooting ability.

“His knowledge of the game and how long he has been playing has shown how much of a hard worker he is,” Reed Caron ’19 said, the captain of the varsity water polo team. “With his arm strength and shooting ability, we all believe he can make it to a top [collegiate] program where he will fit in easily.”

He is a very versatile player, both on the offensive and defensive ends of the pool. Vonya will be a decisive player for next year’s team and will be reliant on his teammates to step up and perform.

“We are losing quite a few seniors and I’m hoping fellow teammates from my class will step up and take care of the positions that we have lost”

Vonya is anxious to start preparing for next season. He is fierce competitor who is motivated to see improvement not only in his own skills but also those of his teammates.