Voting for the first time


Last month, our country held midterm elections. Most citizens had the opportunity to vote on important issues and decide who would be representing them on the state and national level.

Since a majority of Jesuit High School students have not reached their 18th birthday, most students were ineligible to vote. However, a select group of seniors have reached that age, and they performed their “civic duty” by voting on Nov. 6.

“I felt very mature and grateful too,” said Obinna Okoye ’19. “At this age, the United States trusts you to make decisions that can affect where we live. I felt like I had some responsibility.”

Voting is an easy process that allows seniors to show that they care about the future of their community.

“It was convenient,” said Austin Sutter ’19. “I registered on my birthday and got my ballot in the mail. All I needed to do was fill it out and bring it to the center.”

Jesuit High School aims to prepare students to be knowledgeable citizens and form educated views on current social issues. Jesuit also encourages students to be motivated to vote and make their opinions heard.

“All of your high school preparation aims you to being a responsible citizen, not just your social studies classes,” said Mr. Tom McGuire, a social sciences teacher. “It takes a critical thinker who understands math, who understands science, who can reason and read carefully to be a good citizen.”

Voting is a central facet of our democracy, and it is important that high school students obtain the skills necessary to be an informed citizen. All students should leave Jesuit wanting to make the world a better place, and voting is the first step in this process.