Restructured Freshman Service

Jesuit High School freshmen have always been able to choose when and where they do their service hours, and for many former freshmen, it was a stressful task.

To help relieve this anxiety the Christian Service Department changed the way freshmen do their service.

“Rather than receiving an orientation and then being sent out on their own to arrange service, we are working with the Theology 1 class to provide a more structured, integrated experience of service, analysis, and reflection,” said Christian Service Director Ms. Sara Brabec.

There are four goals for the restructured Christian Service requirement: offer freshmen a meaningful first experience of service, make sure students volunteer with respected agencies, provide the freshmen a list of agencies they feel comfortable working with, and help students find God in all things.

The restructuring includes a day away from school where freshmen will volunteer with their theology class at an organization in need of volunteers. Following the day of service, freshmen will reflect on their experience and then use it as a catalyst to complete the rest of their requirement.

[The service] was made infinitely more enjoyable because all [of] my classmates and friends did it with me,” said Nick Venegas ’22. “I did not expect to enjoy my day of service, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t [have] if I hadn’t been with my classmates.”

Cole Halimi ’22 served at the Sacramento Family Services with his class and helped organize clothing for the low income population.

“It felt good to know what I was doing will make a difference,” said Cole Halimi ’22. “It was fun doing service with my classmates.”

Freshman can now continue to serve more willingly and readily, ultimately making a greater difference within their community.