Man for all jobs


Camden Rothleder '19 | The Plank

Assistant Dean of Students Mr. Keegan Smith at work in the Dean’s Office

Educators tend to wear a diverse set of hats. But few have had more experience in different aspects of campus life than Assistant Dean of Students Mr. Keegan Smith.

Before working at Jesuit High School, Mr. Smith had worked at multiple schools in the local area.

“I worked at St. John the Evangelist School for about 10 years in the late ’90s, and then I worked at Foothill High School for one year,” said Mr. Smith. “At St. John the Evangelist, I taught math, English, and mainly computers and technology.”

Despite enjoying his previous experiences, Mr. Smith prefers working in Jesuit’s distinct environment.

“In my mind, it’s better to work with young men in high school,” said Mr. Smith. “It’s easier to relate to them, and I hope I can help them.”

He also works alongside his wife, Director of Student Counseling Ms. Amanda Smith, who has worked at Jesuit since 2012. Working with him inside and outside of school has allowed Ms. Smith to have a unique perspective on him.

“I think he understands the students at Jesuit, which is really a gift because he’s worked in so many different capacities with [students],” said Ms. Smith.

In addition to fostering relationships with students, Mr. Smith has made connections with his fellow teaching staff. On campus, Mr. Smith brings positive and hard-working energy that encourages those around him.

“He brings a level of accountability to our campus,” said Student Activities Director Mr. Kelly. “I think having people like that around helps improve the work culture here.”

Beyond Jesuit, Mr. Smith lives a well-rounded life that revolves around his family and his community as well as serving in the National Guard.

Mr. Smith has filled many positions in the National Guard, including medicine, aviation, and leadership. These experiences have given him the opportunity to travel the world.

“I’ve been around the US and deployed overseas three times – twice to Kuwait and once to Iraq,” said Mr. Smith. “Most recently, I represented the California National Guard at the Primal Quest adventure race in Canada as part of the California National Guard Obstacle Course Racing Team.”    

With a strong devotion to the community around him and years of well-rounded experience, Mr. Smith creates a strong leadership atmosphere that embodies our motto, “Men for Others.”