Committed to the larger mission

The Jesuit High School math department has welcomed former Marauder Mr. Tomas Marquez to this year’s staff.

Mr. Marquez attended Jesuit during his sophomore and junior years of high school (1997-1999). Although family reasons meant he had to transfer from Jesuit before his senior year, Mr. Marquez pleasantly remembers his experience as a student and admits that it was more rigorous than his experience at his

public high school.

“I discovered what a really good education looks like in my two years at Jesuit,” said Mr. Marquez. “Coming from a regular high school to Jesuit, the bar is way higher here and that actually really did show me where I was, […] so when I moved on into college, I felt that my two years here really prepared me for college more than my other two public high schools did.”

This is not Mr. Marquez’s first time teaching. He previously taught at Cristo Rey High School where he was heavily involved in their IT, Cyberpatriot, and math departments. The involvement Mr. Marquez had with Cristo Rey helped Principal Michael Wood ’99 identify him as the correct choice for the position in the math department.

“When we hire, we hire for the greater mission of the school, and I believe Mr. Marquez will help us in that greater mission,” said Mr. Wood. “He did so many things for them over there that shows his commitment to the larger mission so that was what identified him as the best candidate.”

Mr. Marquez fondly remembers Cristo Rey and hopes that his experiences at Jesuit will be as fulfilling.

“My hopes are to be here as long as I can. […] I was at Cristo Rey for almost 8 years, and I loved that school,” said Mr. Marquez. “I work there still, helping them out with their IT department. It’s a very dear place in my heart and I’m hoping that my experience here is the exact same way as Cristo Rey.”

Staff members like Mrs. Judi Brown, head of the math department, are also excited to have Mr. Marquez on board as a new teacher and colleague.

“We are so lucky to have Mr. Marquez join our math department faculty this year,” said Mrs. Brown. “His experience teaching math in a Jesuit school seems to make this the perfect fit. […] I hope that he finds opportunities here to learn and grow and that he enjoys getting to know all the great young men on our campus. Hopefully, he’ll be here for many years to come!”

It’s always a pleasure to welcome a teacher who was once a Marauder. Mr. Marquez knows what a Jesuit experience is like, and the Jesuit High School community hopes that he will find the same warm feeling here as he did at Cristo Rey.