Jesuit suffers lopsided defeat

Jesuit High School’s varsity football team lost their first non-conference game of the season to Folsom High School Friday night. Folsom dominated Jesuit in all aspects of the game and defeated the Marauders 51-14.

Folsom came out firing, putting up 34 points in the first half to Jesuit’s 7. Injury timeouts seemed to be as common as run plays, and Jesuit’s star players weren’t immune.

“Some of our best players were injured early on,” said cornerback and national recruit Isaiah Rutherford ’19. “We forced our younger guys to step in against a top 15 team in the nation.”

Folsom continued the onslaught by adding 17 points in the second half to Jesuit’s 7. With a loss this definitive, the coaching staff clearly saw places for future improvement.

“We didn’t execute like we were supposed to,” said Coach Jonathan Isaac. “We weren’t physical; we couldn’t seem to capitalize; when we couldn’t capitalize, we didn’t display the mental toughness to bounce back and score on the next drive.”

Even though the score may have been lopsided, nothing knocked the spirit out of the Galley Crew. The cheering section maintained energy throughout the four quarters.

“The crowd was packed, and the student section was rocking,” said Mr. LaRoddric Theodule, Dean of Students. “From cheering to music to dancing, it was a festive atmosphere.”

This Friday, the Marauders will take on the Granite Bay Grizzlies at 4:30 p.m. at Jesuit. Come out and support the team as they look for their first win of the season.