Mojo in motion

Back in 1963, the founders of Jesuit High School unknowingly created a legacy that, over the years, has pressed an indelible imprint on the history of Sacramento. What exactly is this legacy?

Mojo. One simple word defines all Jesuit spirit.

The responsibility of invigorating the Mojo every year primarily falls on the cheerleaders. Current head cheerleader Ben Skinner ’18 believes that, ideally, the Mojo should be incorporated into the zeitgeist of the student body.

“Around school, people should be talking about games and you can feel the Mojo within yourself,” said Ben.

Student events on campus tend to excite the student body. This year, the smaller number of student activities have caused the student council to struggle with invigorating the Mojo.

Notable cheerleaders, such as Tucker Collins ’18, have even acknowledged and reflected upon the lackluster participation of the Galley Crew during spirit activities.

“I think that we could have promoted the games more and [tried] to get people more involved as well as organizing the events a bit better,” said Tucker.

Surprisingly, Galley Crew’s involvement is not entirely due to the lack of interest from students.

“In the student body, there are definitely people coming up to us that are dedicated to coming out to games,” said Ben. “They ask us as cheerleaders where everybody is and where the school spirit is.”

With these issues in mind, it should be understood that the members of the executive council find themselves in a complex position.

Coordinating events and activities requires extensive planning and authorization. Additionally, any event that might incorporate the attendance of Saint Francis High School students also requires significant cooperation and planning with the administration from Saint Francis. In short, executive council has to operate with delicacy when they aim to have an event for the student body.

Another reason for the recent decline in school spirit may be that other things have risen up and taken priority over a constant display of spirit. Mr. Mike Barnes ‘81 sympathizes with current students.

“I believe that [school spirit] has to compete with so many things today that it is stretched very thin,” said Mr. Barnes. “We’re using Jesuit as a stepping stone for upward advancement, instead of being Jesuit, instead of Jesuit being our home-away-from-home. I would dearly love to see the resurgence of Big Red Pride. All the elements are still here – what we need to do is embrace them, celebrate our Mojo and our Brotherhood.”

Reinvigorating the vibrant spirit that flows at 1200 Jacob Lane may prove to be difficult, but it is still here, it always will, and always has been. Mojo Forever.

Go Marauders!