Beyond the motto


Photo courtesy of Joe Rubino '18

Tyler Smith ’18 pictured with Kairos Small Group Leader Ms. Leah Heine. Tyler served a Rector of Kairos 138.

Nearly everyone who knows of Jesuit High School also knows the motto: “Men for Others.” Jesuit works hard to help young men become caring individuals who thoughtfully engage in their communities. During his four years at Jesuit, Tyler Smith ’18 has grown beyond just the motto.

“Tyler operates from a mode of his faith where he is compassionate because that is what his faith calls him to be, caring because that is what his faith calls him to be,” said Director of Campus Ministry, Mr. Paul LeBoeuf.

Mr. LeBoeuf has had plenty of opportunities to witness Tyler’s loving demeanor. Tyler is heavily involved in Campus Ministry, being a Big Brother, a member of the Senior Retreat Team, and Rector of Kairos 138.

“The way Tyler cares about others is the epitome of what a ‘Man for Others’ should strive to be,” said Dominic White ’18.

During Kairos 138, Dominic saw firsthand the boundless love that Tyler offered to those around him.

Tyler hopes that by acting with such compassion, his attitude will be passed on to other Jesuit students. One way this takes shape is through his Little Brothers, Michael Roush ’21 and Luke Rosselini ’21.

“Tyler exemplifies what it means to be a ‘Man for Others,’ and having him as my Big Brother meant that I got to see what it truly meant to be a Marauder,” said Michael.

By supporting his little brothers, Tyler continues the Jesuit tradition of Seniors welcoming Freshman into the Jesuit community.

“I know that if I support Michael and Luke as Freshman, not only will I gain a great relationship with them, but I will also be setting them up with the mindset of being ‘Men for Others’ and someday Big Brothers,” said Tyler. “I strive to be a ‘Man for Others’ because it makes Jesuit, my second home, a better place.”

Members of the Jesuit community could all learn something from Tyler. He has grown to embody the school’s motto and inspire others to act more lovingly.