Hands on experience

Noah Costa ’18 is a true “Man for Others.”

Many Jesuit High School students study, play sports, do their homework, and then play video games or hang out with friends. Noah does all these things, but he also does something special that sets him apart from the average Jesuit student. Noah is training to become a firefighter with the Fire Explorers.

“I am part of the Cameron Park Fire Explorer Post 89,” said Noah. “I’ve wanted to be a firefighter since I was young. It’s been everything I’ve ever wanted and been my biggest passion in life.”

Fire Explorers is a program, sponsored by fire stations and the Boy Scouts of America, whose goal is to provide the skills and training necessary for its members to successfully apply for volunteer, seasonal, and professional firefighter positions.

“The Fire Explorers is a program that allows youth who are interested in the fire service to partake in trainings and ride alongs,”  said fellow Fire Explorer and Jesuit student Nathan Fettig ’19. “It allows the members to get hands on experience with how the fire service is organized.”

Noah and his fellow Fire Explorers attend training sessions every other weekend each month.

“We attend trainings every other Sunday in Cameron Park and learn a variety of things such as hose pulling, how to spot a ladder, and how to force a door,” said Noah. “There are about 15 of us right now.”

In addition to providing the training necessary to one day become a firefighter, Noah says that Fire Explorers provides him with a degree of excitement and thrill, especially on ride alongs.

“I love ride alongs,” said Noah. “Being able to wake up at two in the morning and go full force helping out someone is amazing. I’ve delivered babies; I’ve been on stabbing calls; I’ve been on fire calls, traffic collisions, and rescues. Our department is an all risk department so we respond to pretty much any emergency from flooding to fires to rescues. I get to experience that, and it has been fun being able to help.”

While he is training to be a firefighter, most of the calls Noah has responded to have been medical rather than fire calls.

“I would say that 90–95% of our calls are medical,” said Noah. “When we get to put our practice into the actual real world where our actions can dictate someone’s health, it’s awesome. It’s awesome to be able to practice that.”

The experience and training that Noah has gained through his time on ride alongs has helped prepare him for a life of firefighting and greatly matured him as a man. These changes are evident to those he directs in the field as leader of his Cameron Park Post.

“Through the responsibilities he is presented with as the Explorer Post Leader, Noah has been able to further understand what he wants to do in the fire service and has shown the rest of the members that he can handle a leadership role,” said Nathan. “Noah is a great guy and very good at getting work done. He has done a great job leading the post.”

When Noah isn’t in class learning or giving first aid and fighting fires with the Fire Explorers, you can often find him on the field with the Varsity Lacrosse Team. His fellow teammate and best friend David Zingaro ’18 can see the positive qualities Noah has gained from his time in Fire Explorers.

“I’ve seen him mature far beyond his years and become a goal oriented and driven person,” said David. “I see it in the weight room, on the field, and just when I’m around him.”

Noah’s plans for the future include a bachelor’s degree in management from Point Loma Nazarene University and a subsequent career in the fire service.

Noah Costa has made a positive difference in the community as the leader of his Fire Explorer post, proving that he embodies the Jesuit motto of “Men for Others.”