Behind the scenes, literally


Casey Honaker '18

Casey Honaker ’18 working in the board for Jesuit Drama

As actors light up the stage during each Black Box Theater production at Jesuit High School, Casey Honaker ’18 works hard to ensure that the lights and sound run smoothly for the show. Though behind the scenes, his help is crucial for the livelihood of the show.

Casey’s first desire in the Black Box Theater was not behind the scenes work. He initially wanted to be an actor, but after being cut in auditions, Casey looked at other ways he could get involved in the program.

“In my second semester of Freshman year, I decided to audition for the musical,” said Casey. “I did not get cast. [So,] I got involved in their tech department. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Casey is a silent worker, but he is heavily involved during shows, controling every light and sound the audience hears. Without his participation the show would lack fluidity.

“My favorite thing in tech is that it allows me the freedom to explore new avenues of study,” said Casey. “Tech at Jesuit has allowed me to learn and work on sound, lighting, broadcasting, and robotics. I love taking the things I have learned in my math and computer science classes and applying them to real-world problems that arise in tech.”

Working tech can be difficult, but Casey has been mentored by faculty and staff members like Mr. Ed Trafton ’84, the Jesuit Drama Artistic Director, and Mr. Jared Bercea, the Jesuit IT Assistant.

“Casey is great to work with because he’s dedicated, knowledgeable, patient, and most importantly, he’s kind,” said Mr. Trafton.  “He’s a model technician: a great combination of skill and heart whose contributions to our shows have made them all the better.”

Mr. Bercea describes him as a great person to have around because of the effort and seriousness he puts into his work.

“Casey is a very intelligent student and has a very ‘take care of business’ attitude which I appreciate when it comes to him being the co-president of the Broadcast Club,” said Mr. Bercea.  “Casey also likes to help with random tech needs across campus and always has a good question when he wants to learn something about tech so he keeps me on my toes as well.”

Jesuit Drama has helped teach Casey many valuable skills that will be useful in the years to come. In college, he plans to continue his technological pursuits and stay involved in drama.

“I plan on pursuing a computer science and math major in college,” said Casey. “I also plan to use the skills I have learned at Jesuit to continue working on tech projects in the future. I also plan to continue working in Drama.”

Mr. Trafton is happy for Casey and hopeful for his future, but he is also sad to see him leave Jesuit.  

“Casey leaves us after four years in the program, and while all of us on the staff are so, so sad to see him go, we know he’s off to great things,” said Mr. Trafton. “And we know that he’s going to share his talents and his great spirit with everyone he’s going to meet, just the way he did with us here in the Black Box.”

Casey has long been behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.  He has worked hard and hopefully his college years are just as successful.