Spring Soiree: PACE Auction and Gala

One of the most important events hosted by Jesuit High School is the PACE Auction and Gala, which annually raises about $700,000-$900,000. The event is being organized by Auction Chairs Tracy Beckwith, Wendy Miller, and Liza Micheli and will be held this Saturday, Mar. 24th, 2018 in the Marauder Gymnasium. The funds from the auction go towards multiple uses.

“We raise money for operations and scholarships, as well as any other special projects like the new Digital Media Center,” said Director of Major Gifts and Events Mrs. Jill Leopold.

This year’s theme, A Spring Soirée, will be sure to impress. Every year, parent volunteers work hard to decorate the gym, transforming it into a dramatically different place.

In addition, to kick off this year’s auction, a Ladies’ Luncheon was held last semester on Wednesday, October 4th. It was graciously hosted by Mr. Chris Dariotis and Mrs. Julie Teel at the Teel residence. The event featured the vocal talents of Jesuit’s Chamber Choir.

“The moms there loved seeing the boys perform,” said Mrs. Leopold.

Overall, the event proved to be a great help for funding the arrangement of the Auction and Gala as it raised $50,000.

Students looking for a chance to volunteer will find that both of these events offer opportunities for students to assist those who support our Jesuit High School community. Students can inquire about volunteer opportunities through the VIP (Volunteers In Partnership) section of Jesuit’s website.

Through the Auction and Gala, parents and students can help further Jesuit’s mission to become “Men For Others.”