Super Silva

“HE’S A FRESHMAN” is a chant commonly heard at Jesuit High School’s Varsity Basketball games. This year, one dynamic freshman on the roster is Isa Silva ‘21. So far this season, Isa has put on a show with his elite skills on the court, gaining more confidence each and every day.  

“It can be difficult to shut out the outside noise,” said Isa. “As the season progresses, I feel more confident as each game goes by. I feel very comfortable out there.”

His confidence was on display when he dropped 17 points on Franklin, going five for five from the three point line and dishing out seven assists. Although he is “just a freshman,” Isa has inspired fellow teammates with his rigorous work ethic.

“[The team] follows him on and off the court due to his determination and drive,” said teammate Chase Sienkiewicz ’19.

As Isa’s confidence improves, so does his teammates’ confidence in him. They continue to trust him more with the basketball and his ability to lead the team. Chase refers to him as “The General” of the team because of his “shooting ability, leadership, and court vision.”

Achieving such skill at such a young age is no easy task. Confidence has played a major role in Isa’s development as a player of such caliber.

“A lot has gone into my development,” said Isa.“Working on my craft outside of practices and trainings is a big component.”

Being one of the youngest players on the team might seem overwhelming, but Isa defies this preconception. Isa’s ability to play on varsity as a freshman makes his outstanding work ethic an excellent model for himself and his teammates to follow

“The players treat me with respect and it makes the team’s dynamic that much more diverse,” said Isa.

The addition of Isa Silva to Jesuit’s Varsity Basketball team not only gives us a better chance to win in playoffs, but also creates a new dynamic where the team can rely on all of its players — even the youngest.