National Signing Day


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Back (left to right): Cody Jensen ’18: Stanford for basketball; Josh Farr ’18: University of Nevada, Reno for football; Joe Hagopian ’18: the University of New Mexico for basketball; Lorenzo Burks ’18: San Jose State University for football; David Zingaro ’18: Maryville University for lacrosse; Cooper Hunt ’18: UC Berkely; Jack Sauls ’18: LMU for soccer; Jordan Vice ’18: UC Davis for soccer; Ryan Hicks ’18: Maryville University for lacrosse. (Front): Matt Condrin ’18: University of Washington for crew; Josh Gallagher ’18: UC Davis for football; Joe Marchant ’18: St. Mary’s College for rugby; Max Sackett ’18: West Point for rugby; Finlay Thomson ’18: UC San Diego for diving; Ayden Burnett ’18: UC Davis for soccer; Hayden Johnson ’18 UC San Diego for swimming; Nathan Sellers ’18: California Lutheran University for swimming; Dominic Nunley ’18: Dominican University for soccer.

On February 7, 2018, eighteen Jesuit High School Marauders signed letters of intent to play their respected sports at the collegiate level. Nine signed a National Letter of Intent for an athletic scholarship, and nine signed a letter to commit to play at their university.

Sports, ranging in variety from diving to rugby, were represented at National Signing Day. Each athlete will attend a reputable university, such as Matthew Condrin ’18 who commited University of Washington for crew and David Zingaro ’18 to who committed to Maryville University for lacrosse.

Cooper Hunt ’18 signed his letter of intent to play golf at the University of California, Berkeley  and is excited to continue his career at the collegiate level.  

“Ever since I was young, I wanted to play collegiate sports and golf was the first thing that came to mind,” said Cooper. “I’ve lived on a golf course ever since I was born, so it was convenient for me.”  

All of these student-athletes have excelled in their respected sports at Jesuit. Collegiate level athletics will continue to develop their various skills and prepare them for a more rigorous competition.

“First of all, they have talent, but second they all have drive. You’ve got to have a couple things,” said Athletic Director Greg Harcos ’89. “You’ve got to have the talent to do it; you’ve got to have the passion. You’ve got to have those things and these guys are put in their places and they put their time in. They’ve contributed well to our programs and we’ve been the benefit of their efforts.”

Jesuit has prepared many student-athletes by setting them on the right path to pursue high level education as well as a promising future in athletics.

Here is the full list of the athletes who committed on National Signing Day:

Lorenzo Burkes ’18 committed to San Jose State for football

Ayden Burnett ‘18 committed to University of California, Davis for soccer

Matt Condrin ’18 committed to University of Washington for crew

Josh Farr ‘18 committed to the University of Nevada, Reno for football

Jason Gallagher ‘18 committed to University of California, Davis for football

Joe Hagopian ‘18 committed to the University of New Mexico for baseball

Ryan Hicks ’18 committed to Maryville University for lacrosse

Cooper Hunt ’18 committed to the University of California, Berkeley for golf

Cody Jensen ’18 committed to Stanford University for baseball

Hayden Johnson ’18 committed to University of California, San Diego for swimming

Joe Marchant ’18 committed to St. Mary’s College of California for rugby

Dominic Nunley ‘18 committed to Dominican University for soccer

Max Sackett ’18 committed to West Point for rugby

Jack Sauls ‘18 committed to Loyola Marymount University for soccer

Nathan Sellers ’18 committed to California Lutheran University for swimming

Finlay Thomson ‘18 committed to University of California, San Diego for diving

Jordan Vice ‘18 committed to the University of California, Davis for soccer

David Zingaro ’18 committed to Maryville University for lacrosse