Jesuit vs El Camino Soccer Game Preview


Jesuit High School’s Varsity Soccer team will travel to battle the El Camino High School Eagles on Dec. 16.

Last year, the Jesuit High School Marauders played a scrappy game, which ended in an unsatisfactory deadlock of 1-1. The tie left the team dissatisfied, and this year the team is hungry for redemption.

Both squads are coming ready to battle as a new rivalry is beginning to surface. El Camino has a new coach this year, and the Eagles are eager to prove that their newly coached squad can hold their own against the best of their competition.

Jesuit’s head coach, Mr. Paul Rose, is excited to match up against El Camino once again. He expects the game to be fast paced due to El Camino’s small field. They are preparing for a good game and will be ready to go by the time Dec. 16 rolls around.

Coach Rose is expecting a very strong performance from his team this year and believes they work well together and have a tremendous amount of talent.

“Our guys this year get along great,” said Coach Rose. “The Juniors and Seniors have a lot of chemistry, which is something that is pretty uncommon on most teams.”

Jack Sauls ‘18 has a particularly strong motive for grasping the win over the Eagles. As a Junior on the team last year, he took part in Jesuit’s tie against El Camino.

“We need to come into this game with passion and not think about what happened last time and only think about this game,” said Jack.

He, along with and the rest of the team, look toward the upcoming game with what was lacking last year. With such passion, Jack has no doubt they will be coming onto the field steadfast, urging each other for victory. Although, he has his sights set on more than one team. Jack set a precursor for a game later in the season as well.

Jack hopes that the team will be able to show its prowess against El Camino, and set a standard ans can expect to see for the rest of the season.

Regardless, Jesuit Soccer’s battle with El Camino will surely be an intense, action packed, and must see game.