Teacher Transfer


How often have you bothered to introduce yourself to the newest members of Jesuit High School’s teaching faculty? Have you ever bothered to catch a name? Well, I decided to investigate and learn more about one of Jesuit’s newest English teachers, Mrs. Heather McLean-Morris.

Mrs. McLean-Morris teaches English 2 at Jesuit, but she has taught Honors English and AP English Language and Composition for most of her 15-year teaching career. Before joining Jesuit’s faculty, she taught at Pleasant Grove High School and at Oak Ridge High School.

Mrs. McLean-Morris knew from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher.

“I knew in 3rd grade,” said Mrs. McLean-Morris. “I was asked by my teacher to tutor two new students who joined our class mid-year from Nicaragua. I remember helping them get organized with materials and helping them with phonics and reading comprehension. The reward I felt by helping kids unlock the power of words and become part of a new community still impacts me today. I still teach from the heart.”

Mrs. McLean-Morris is making a huge change going from teaching in a co-ed classroom to teaching at an all-male school. Being around so many boys can be a little challenging, but her experience and the community will help in the transition.

“Teaching all boys can be a bit jarring at first, but I reminded her that you guys are still kids,” said English Department Chair and Plank Faculty Consultant Mr. Colin O’Connor ‘04. “I also mentioned that she needs to just have fun and ask for help because there is always someone on this campus who can help.”

Mrs. McLean-Morris joined us at the beginning of the year and has already started to make an impact on this school. To a new teacher, most people ask, “Why Jesuit?”

“I actually was exploring Jesuit as a future destination for my son, Grady, who is only 9,” said Mrs. McLean-Morris. “I wanted to start the search early. I was feeling more convicted about sending my son here. I discovered, serendipitously, that Jesuit was hiring an English teacher. I felt that God was calling me here, and I’m here to help boys become ‘Men for Others.’”

A small act of exploration has brought a wonderful teacher into the Jesuit community.