Farewell to Warren

Nearly all Jesuit High School Students and Alumni know of the Dean’s Office ‘beep’ over the intercom.

When the beep sounds, it evokes many emotions, and as student imaginations run rampant with worry or relief, the thought of one man occupies their minds, the Dean of Students.

From the Spring of 2002 to the Summer of 2017 the Dean, of course, was the newly retired Mr. Tim Warren ‘70. For fifteen years he was the school’s authority on campus and has left his legacy with the student body.

Thousands of students have been guided by Dean Warren, either as a student in one of his English courses, as a Teacher’s Assistant in the Dean’s Office, or as a Marauder that adheres to the edicts of the Dean’s Office’s announcements.  

All Marauders possess at least one memory of Dean Warren as a man and a campus figure. He is a husband, teacher, mentor, friend, father, and arguably the most iconic Dean that has served at Jesuit.

Members of the Jesuit community had this to say about Dean Warren:

“He left a legacy of accountability, of teaching students to be accountable for their actions,” said Mr. Tim Kelly, Assistant Dean of Students and Student Activities Director

“What I most admire about Tim Warren is the way he looked out for ‘the little guy.’ In ways that most people will never know, Tim went to extraordinary lengths to take care of students who were struggling — at school, home, economically, and with addiction. For me, Tim’s lasting impact is his example of what it means to care for students who need someone,” said Mr. Tim Caslin, Assistant Principal for Instruction and Student Life.

“He’s the enforcer,” said Tucker Collins ‘18, Dean’s Office Teacher’s Assistant.

“He’d help the students who were in need of help rather than punishing them as long as they were honest; he was a shepard guiding the lost,” said Joe Brousseau ‘18, Dean’s Office Teacher’s Assitant.

“He could be in a room with a student and a set of parents, dealing with something that was very troubling and difficult, and could find ways to bring humor into that and make it easier,” said Mr. Vincent Fleming ‘02, Designated Prefect.

“Warren related to his students in a way most teachers do not; his offbeat sense of humor surely will be missed,” said Mr. Michael Cardenas ‘97.

“Tim Warren is an enigmatic amalgam of equal parts of gruffness, compassion, intelligence and crudeness who loves music and cheesy craft fairs,” said Mr. Ed Novinsky ‘72, Studio Art Teacher.

“He’s a human being that will not be forgotten anytime soon,” said Mrs. Mary Harrison, Assistant to the Dean.

“I’ve known Dean Warren both in my capacity as a Dean of Students at my prior school and obviously serving here as Principal. He was an incredible asset to the school and to the students. He cared deeply about this place and we’re definitely going to miss him,” said Michael Wood ‘99, Principal.

“It is impossible to describe Tim Warren in one sentence,” said Mr. Ed Trafton ‘84, Drama Artistic Director and English and VPA Teacher.

Generations to come will pass through the hallowed grounds of Jesuit. Whether it be on the rugby pitch, in the robotics lab, or at the Dean’s Office, those young men will be shaped into disciples of the integrity driven culture that Jesuit represents. Throughout the halls and classrooms, young men will hear about the great tradition and history of this campus. They will hear of the various zeitgeists of the graduating classes, of the thousands of men that have gone before them that have impacted the world community. These young men, will also learn the legend of one of the greatest Marauders that has hitherto roamed these halls. Thank you Dean Warren.