Declassified: lunch line survival guide

Marauders love their lunch. Students bring a variety of foods to support their dietary needs, but beyond the world of igloo coolers and brown paper bags exists another option for Marauders to find their lunchtime sustenance: the cafeteria.

Those who buy food from the Harris Center are all too familiar with the dreaded lunch line that bears a striking resemblance to a battle field.

The high quality food our chefs produce has led to a high demand for fresh pizza, cookies, and the special of the day. This high demand makes the fight for food competitive and, therefore, the lunch line has become grueling.

“It’s too long; every single day everyone runs like its a track meet,” said Obinna Okoye ‘19. “Getting lunch is not a game.”

With the mass of shoulders pushing and shoving in line, the lunch line gives way to the conditions of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, the survival of the fittest.

Students have been forced to use their Marauder wit in order to work their way around the line and its clash.

“Whenever Gerry Lane isn’t looking, I try to ‘finesse’ the [line dividers],” said Obinna.

Other students have simply learned to succumb to the harsh conditions of the lunch line.

“Go with the flow,” said Donovan Choa ‘20.

Whether you are the student who tries to crawl under the ropes or simply waits your turn, the eyes of Mr. Lane are always watching to make sure peace is maintained in the chaotic lunch line environment. His years of experience have given him the keen ability to spot common tactics used by students trying to work their way around other students in line.

“The under the rope, and the ‘I’m working in the kitchen’ are common things I keep an eye out for,” said Mr. Lane.

Whether you are buying a “Global Adventure” meal or just a satisfying cookie, the lunch line will continue to challenge the artful thinking of the Marauders.