Changing sides

For the first time in his high school basketball career, 6’8” shooting guard Elias King ‘18 will start for the Jesuit High School this coming fall.

Before he transferred to Jesuit, Elias attended Christian Brothers High School, playing on the Varsity Basketball team for three years. He is a natural scorer who is not afraid to handle the ball or lead the team. The experience and leadership gained from his years on CB’s Varsity Team will surely benefit Jesuit.

“All the players and coaches are really excited for the season,” said Head Varsity Coach Jon Rotz ‘92. “We have a really strong group of senior leaders, and I think Elias has already been a good addition to that as far as leadership is concerned. We value strong senior leadership a lot in our program, and to have another leader join will be really important to add to the success of the team.”

For the last three years, Elias has given Jesuit problems on the court. During last year’s Holy Hoops, he scored 22 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, leading the CB Falcons in a close game.

“I always knew playing against Jesuit was a big game, but I also knew the school and always saw myself playing there, so it was really weird playing against the school I wanted to be at,” said Elias. “There was a lot of emotion, but I always took it as another game in the season and didn’t let it bother me.”

The combination of Elias and returning Jesuit stars, such as Jake Virga ‘18, Isaiah Rutherford ‘19, and Chris Simpson ‘18 will surely provide Jesuit with a deadly offense that may go far in the Delta League this year.

“My experience has been good and my teammates have been great,” said Elias. “I look forward to working with Chris. I feel like we could work really well together.”

Elias King is one to watch as he embarks on his journey as a Jesuit Marauder.