That White Powder We All Crave

Boys, it’s that time of year again. The air gets cold, the climate gets damp, and the white powder begins to fall in Lake Tahoe, Colorado, and Canada.

I know there are some adrenaline junkies out there that love the fresh white powder after a hard storm barrels through. This year we are projected to get roughly 90 percent of the amount we obtained last year.

This last year a “Big Bertha” of a storm came across the western states and ended the snow drought that we have been in for a while. Squaw Valley Mountain Resort had 700 inches of snow last season. If you ask me, that’s a lot of powder.

The traditional mountain men or Tahoe skiers love their powder days, and when the big resorts all shut down due to avalanches, we turn to smaller resorts. From Sugarbowl to Homewood to Sierra, one can never go wrong with a solid powder day.

Our elders talk about the stupid amounts of powder that they used to shred when they were youngins. As we near this snow season, snow sport enthusiasts prepare to make our own ‘stupid’ memories. We grab our skis, boots, and maybe even a new jacket if we need one. I know that come opening day, I will be up on that mountain knee deep in some gorgeous looking snow.

That feeling of being knee deep, floating through the snow, carving as best as you can through five feet of airy luscious powder is hands down one of the best experiences. The exhilarating feeling of going over 25 miles per hour on two pieces of metal is surreal.

So if you are a skier, like me, or a snowboarder who likes to huck massive jumps, this year’s season is going to be another for the books. So, go and join the Jesuit Ski, Snowboard, and Surfing Club to get in those extra days.

Go out there and have a blast boys. Also, don’t forget that helmet because tree skiing is going to be live this year. Fully send it for the boys. Until next time stay safe and shred on.