Finding God in Sophomore Year

Sophomores, get ready for a day off from school; it’s time for your retreat!

At the end of October, Senior Retreat Team Leader Mr. Paul Rose and the Jesuit High School Senior Retreat Team began heading to Christ the King Retreat Center where they will guide the Sophomore Class throughout their retreats.

“I’ve gone on this retreat a lot but have gone about three to four times a year in the past couple years,” said Rose, “And ever since we have gone to Christ the King Retreat Center, I’ve loved it.”

Mr. Rose has been on this retreat over 150 times since he has been teaching at Jesuit. He loves attending annually because each year changes in unique and subtle ways. The goal for the retreat is for it to correspond with the Sophomore Theology curriculum, so the ideas that are being introduced and discussed in class are reinforced during the retreat.

“I like going on the retreat because I can help guide the Sophomores toward something greater than their high school experience,” said Mr. Rose. “I can help lead them into a deeper spirituality for their entire lives.”

In the beginning years of the retreat, Sophomores went to The Newman Catholic Center. But as the retreat evolved, it was decided that the Christ the King Retreat Center was a more suitable location.

“The Newman Center was nice, but Christ of King Church is a beautiful location that offers the space and experiences needed to accomplish the goals of this retreat.” said Mr. Rose.

As a member of the Senior Retreat Team, Casey Gilles ‘18 will be joining several of the Sophomore retreats throughout this school year. Casey is very excited for the opportunity to guide the Sophomores during their retreat to the Christ the King Retreat Center.

“I am extremely excited to go on the retreat because on my own Sophomore retreat I had a great experience,” said Casey. “I am ready to guide the Sophomores on an experience that will lead to a deepening of their spirituality. I’m really looking forward to helping the Sophomores enjoy their retreat this year.”

Sophomores, this year’s retreat leaders are going to make sure it is a blast, so get ready for an amazing time!