From a Jesuit Marauder to a USA Rugby Star


Christian Dyer ‘16 just finished representing the United States in the World Cup Trophy Qualifier in Alberta, Canada. Before the 6’2, 205 pound rugby sensation was so acclaimed, he was a Jesuit High School Marauder.

Christian now attends the University of California, Berkeley, where practice is just getting started in the off-season. When Christian was at Jesuit, he had many influences that guided him on his path.

“Several teachers at Jesuit played pivotal roles in my pathway from high school to college,” Christian said. “Most significantly, was Mr. [Gerry] Campos. I took Spanish with him for two years and became a better person and student each time.”

Teachers were not the only resource for Christian; the Jesuit Rugby Program played a huge role in formulating his future.

“Jesuit Rugby was a major influence on my rugby career for numerous reasons,” Christian said. “The coaching Jesuit provides is top notch, with help from international players to former collegiate players. The coaches create an environment for the players to thrive in.”

Even though they are in the off-season, Christian constantly brings pride to Jesuit on and off the pitch.