Return of a Classic

This Saturday Jan. 28, the Jesuit High School Marauders take on the Davis High School Blue Devils in  the Cap Classic varsity soccer tournament at Capital Christian High School, which could be a precursor to the league title.

Jesuit and Davis both are renowned for their great soccer teams, storied rivalry, and general excellence.

“The Cap Classic is an excellent way to showcase and promote high school [soccer] at a high level,” said Head Soccer Coach Paul Rose. “This game pits Jesuit Soccer against it’s most long term rival, Davis High School.”

The Marauders aren’t perfect; they are constantly working to improve elements of their game, in particular, finishing goals and pre-made plays called set piece defenses.

“The team [has been] working all week on finishing and set piece defending,” Coach Rose said. “[These] two areas that have been struggles this season.”

This game means more to the Marauders than just a league game. For some, it is the highlight of the season and one of the most difficult games.

“It means everything,” said defender Elijah Berry ‘17. “We don’t like them, and they don’t like us. Losing to Davis is unthinkable – just can’t let that happen.”

Beyond the long term rivalry, the two teams have always had a good, quality game. The previous games are fondly remembered by the players

“Every time we play Davis it’s always a good game,” said midfielder Lucas Churchill ‘17 “Playing the best teams is always the most fun.”

At 7:30 p.m. Saturday evening, the Marauders and the Blue Devils will meet on the field in what should be another intense Cap Classic.