Record breaking player

Jesuit High School’s Varsity wide receiver and cornerback Jonathan Amadi ‘17 is just about every quarterback’s dream, and every defensive coordinator’s worst headache.

The standout 5’11” 165lb Senior is one of the Jesuit Football Team’s key players, and has earned an impressive reputation through a phenomenal breakout season.

Jon has not only tied Jesuit’s record for most touchdowns in a season (13), but has also set the Jesuit record for most receiving yards in a single game. In the first round of the Division II playoffs against Tracy High School, Jon was able to turn three receptions into a remarkable 195 yards.

But it doesn’t end there. Jon has also set the school record for the longest reception (89 yards) and most overall receiving yards in a season (1,118 yards).

Jon gives a lot of credit to his teammates and coaches for all he has achieved during the season.

“The records I have are awesome, but I didn’t achieve them alone,” Jon said. “I had a lot of help from Calvin [Brownholtz ‘17] and my team. Without them I wouldn’t have any records.”

Jon takes great pride in the role he played helping lead the football team to playoffs, all the way until the third round.

“I’m glad we got to the semifinals, but I think we could have gone farther,” Jon said. “It’s a great accomplishment nonetheless. I would trade all my records for one more week with my team.”

From the work he has put in off the field to his performance on the field, Jon is overall very pleased with his Senior year football experience.

“I am content with my performance this season,” Jon said. “I am happy with the relationships I made. Next year’s team will be great, and I can’t wait to see them play.”

With football season over, it has been made clear that Jon Amadi is standout football player whose absence will be greatly missed next year.