Presidencies Performed

This year’s play “44 Plays for 44 Presidents” was an excellent insight to the history of the United States and it’s leadership, capturing each president and his mark on history in just two minutes apiece. It managed to display the importance of the presidency and how it’s both a figurehead position and an active leadership.

The play began by depicting the beginnings of the U.S. leadership as Washington laid down the parameters of the president’s role. A jacket representing the presidency was passed around the cast as the role of the president evolves and changes with the country and its people as presidents cycle through the White House. The play demonstrates the ways different presidents responded in different ways to the presidency and added their own unique spin on the position.

After the election on Nov. 8, the cast added another segment in tribute to the new president elect Donald Trump. It began with words from Susan B. Anthony relating the climax of the 20th century civil rights movement. The cast then moved throughout the audience and presented flowers to the women.

The play concluded a portion by of President-Elect Trump’s victory speech presented by Dylan Boyle ‘17, emphasizing unity and moving forward together. It was a touching and fitting conclusion to this remarkable play.