Giving his all

Lorenzo Burkes ‘18 is starting at running back for a second year on Jesuit High School’s Varsity Football team. Standing 6’2’’ and weighing in at 225 pounds, Lorenzo looks ready to cement his place as a starter for next year.

Lorenzo is a major driving force for the team on the field and in the locker room. He scores crucial touchdowns and never gives up, inspiring his teammates to work hard. In practice and beyond, he gives his all to better the team.

“Lorenzo does really well on reps,” said Head Varsity Football Coach Marlon Blanton. “For example, instead of going five yards, he’ll go ten yards, sometimes 15 yards on a rep. He tries to go in no matter what. He is very aggressive in practice, tough to take down, and he loves football.”

Lorenzo has a strong will to win and believes his team is capable of going far this year.

“I think we can win the league this year and go to sections,”  Lorenzo said. “We want to win, so we will do whatever we have to.”

Lorenzo has come up big for the Marauders this season. For example, earlier in the season, when Jesuit took on the Pleasant Grove Eagles, Lorenzo scored three touchdowns, two coming in the fourth quarter of the game. And then, when they recently took on the Monterey Trail Mustangs, Lorenzo led his team to a victory, scoring four touchdowns.

“He is running tough, he is running hard, he is getting off the ball quickly, he is reading his blocks and the line’s doing well,” said Coach Blanton. “He also breaks a lot of tackles, so yeah, he has been playing really well.”

Lorenzo Burkes has left a major mark on his team in his two years in Jesuit Varsity Football.