Back to the movies

Last Friday night, Jesuit High School showed Back to the Future at its second annual Outdoor Movie Night. The event was open to all Jesuit and Saint Francis High School students who bought tickets and was from 6pm to about 9:30pm.

Students were able to hang out with one another and eat a variety of food. The Executive Council had popcorn and soda available for purchase inside the pool area, and Chando’s Tacos brought a food truck that provided a variety of Mexican cuisine.

Before the movie started, the Executive Council had a Back to the Future themed trivia game where winners received t-shirts featuring the movie’s logo.

“I think it was pretty fun,” said  Jackie Free ‘18, a Saint Francis student. “The t-shirt [trivia game] was cool.”

Next came the screening of the movie, showcasing the misadventures of Marty McFly in a time machine his eccentric friend Doc Brown made out of a DeLorean DMC-12. The movie was well received by those in attendance, and a stream of lively chatter could be heard from the audience throughout the night.

“Back to the Future was good because…even if you had seen it, you’re willing to watch it again because it’s a good movie,” said Jonathan Ahern ‘18, a Jesuit student. “It was a great time, and as long as they keep picking great movies it will continue to be a great time.”

“I think it was a great success,” said Bill Daly ‘17, the Executive Council Publicity Coordinator. “Hopefully we’ll do another one in the spring.”

The second annual movie night went off without a hitch.  Those who went were able to enjoy a night of hanging out with friends, eating lots of good food, drinking soda, and watching a classic movie.