Bringing past to the present


Graphic created by Kendrick Lai '18 & Alex Samuel '18

Jesuit High School’s second annual Movie Night is this Friday, Sept. 16th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. The movie, Back to the Future, will be shown at the Jesuit pool.

This year’s Executive Council, run by President Brendan Jones ‘17, is hoping to continue the traditions set in place last year by the the previous Executive Council, and has started by bringing back the largely successful Movie Night.

“We wanted to do a movie that gives us a lot of memories of the past,” said Executive Council Publicity Coordinator Bill Daly ’17.

For last year’s movie night, Ghostbusters, another sci-fi classic was the feature,  which went over extremely well with it’s audience.

“Last year, a lot of us who are now in the current student council went to the movie night, and we saw a lot of underclassmen meeting new people,” said Bill Daly.

They hope to continue the tradition, and to give the freshmen and sophomores of Jesuit a chance to meet new friends and potential homecoming dates from Saint Francis High School.

“The main goal is for everyone to have fun and be safe,” said Bill Daly.

Chando’s Tacos, Pinkberry, and a popcorn vendor will be there, so students who plan on attending the event should also bring money to buy food.