A Spirit Week to remember

Spirit week at Jesuit High School is the week for fun, games, and extreme hype. For four days students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the electric atmosphere of the festivities.

The Executive Student Council expressed high hopes for this year’s Spirit Week and its many events before it began.

“We’re looking for a good turn out to the events and for lots of participation, especially from the Freshman,” said Jack Murphy ‘17, Student Body Treasurer. “We’re trying to make it a lot of fun.”

Up first was USA Day during which students sported United States-themed attire. During lunch the legendary watermelon race took place. Jesuit students raced across slip-n-slides while carrying a watermelon to bring their team to victory. Leland Buraga ‘17 delivered an outstanding performance as he raced first, kicking off this legendary competition.

The second day was Blue and Gold Day. This day was to help raise awareness for Cristo Rey Baton Rouge Franciscan High School. The CRHS was flooded just days after it opened its doors and a movement was started to help repair facilities and buy new supplies. Jesuit raised over $2,000 in collections for CRHS.

Day three was Beach Day. Lunch time featured the crowd-favorite events: the raft race and the belly flop contest. The crowd roared as Jack Murphy and Leland Buraga crushed the surface of the pool with devastating flops.

Day four was Jersey Day. Marauders rocked the colors and symbols of their favorite sports teams. The final lunch time activity to close off the week was the highly anticipated power ball match. After many a tough battle, the Senior team swept through with the win.

The week was full of excitement, and was a superb way of building up school spirit to lead into Holy Bowl weekend.