It’s magazine time again

Wednesday marks the start of Jesuit High School’s annual Warren Student Magazine Sale (SMS). Along with the chance to earn incentives for students and their class, the sale provides the opportunity to fund student activities around campus. Half of the money raised during the four weeks of the sale goes to the school.

The goal this year is to sell $150,000 worth of magazines, of which the school would keep around $75,000. That translates to roughly seven magazines per student, or just under two magazines per week of the sale.

Before anyone begins, students need to take some steps to set up an account on using the school code: 2640795. Once signed up, students can use the website to send emails out to friends and family about buying magazines online. Even though it’s online, Jesuit will still receive credit for the sales through the website.

There are a variety of methods to sell magazines, but Mr. Hornback ‘83, Director of Student Magazine Sales, offered some tips.

“[Make] a plan. People that you know, confirm with a call; set something up. In some cases, if you can, [reach out to] an older relative, [and set] up magazine renewals,” Mr. Hornback said.

This year, there are various prizes that will be awarded to top sellers, including Chipotle burritos, Sacramento Republic FC tickets, Kings court-side tickets, and the opportunity to win $2,500 cash.

The Warren SMS is imperative to keep student activities fully funded, so get selling Marauders.