What’s a football game without a tailgate?

For the second year in a row, Jesuit High School will kickoff their first football home game with a tailgate.

The tailgate begins on Friday, August 26th at 3:00pm. The game between Granite Bay High School and. Jesuit will begin at 4:45 p.m. at the Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium. The tailgate invites St. Francis High School and the whole Jesuit community to participate.

The tailgate serves as a way to hype a crowd that is soon to watch the Marauders for the first game of the season. At the contest, Jesuit also hopes to break the Jesuit attendance record for a home football game.

“I believe [attendance] will surpass last year,” said Executive Council President Brendan Jones ‘17. “Granite Bay is a big rivalry game, so attendance will be higher. The anticipation for the game will only make the tailgate that better.”

For Freshmen looking to get an idea of what the Jesuit spirit looks like, the tailgate is a great way to begin their experience.

It’s a great kickoff to the year. [There will be] lots of good food with the food trucks, and [the students will] be getting a free taco card, so they might as well use it,” Brendan said.

Because of how big of an event the tailgate is to be, the tailgate and game will be filmed by Executive Council Member Sam Mayo ‘17, the Head AV Technician.

“I will be flying the drone again at the game,” Sam said. “I will only include the tailgate if a lot of people show up, so make sure to come to [the] senior quad after school and bring all your friends. We want people going crazy and cheering loudly to support our fellow Marauders down at the field.”

If enough students come out to the game Friday, not only will the tailgate be more exciting, but the attendance record for a home football game could be broken.