Comcast Legend


Mr. Justin Campbell was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and attended Carver Center High School for Arts and Technology.

“It was what they call a magnet school, so it was free to attend but you had to audition to get in.  I concentrated in vocal music and creative writing,” Mr. Campbell said.

Mr. Campbell’s whole family lives in the Baltimore area.  He has two older sisters, of which one is a child psychologist and the other is a paralegal. Mr. Campbell has three nephews and one niece. His father retired and is now and vintner and winemaker.

For college, Mr. Campbell attended Salisbury University, which is a public university on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He began college as a Communications Major, but he had no idea what he wanted to do for a career.

“[Career] possibilities included meteorology and advertising, though teaching was also always somewhere in the back of my mind. I took my first philosophy class when I was a Junior [in college] and loved it so much that I took it on as a second major,” Mr. Campbell said.

After college, Mr. Campbell  moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and worked at Comcast for two years.  During this time, Mr. Campbell realized that he wanted to study either philosophy or Theology at the graduate level.

“I landed on Theology, in part because my philosophical interests were so directed toward religious thought.  I obtained a Masters degree in Theology from St John’s University, Collegeville. Our beloved Ms. Pryor is also an alumnus of St. John’s and she alerted them to the opening at Jesuit. So, I [am] indebted to her among many others for ending up at Jesuit Sacramento,” Mr. Campbell said.

Mr. Campbell has really enjoyed his time at Jesuit as a Theology teacher, and is extremely thankful for the opportunity.

Mr. Campbell’s love for the Jesuit community is due to how well the faculty and students have treated him. He plans on continuing his teaching career at Jesuit for a while.

“I want to thank my students for the trust and willingness to journey along with me in the classroom, and for the support of many of my colleagues who have become mentors and friends,” Mr. Campbell said.