Lending a helping hand


Carson Black '17 | Plank

Jared Borg wears the CSF lifetime member cords with arm around Anthony Fernandez at Graduation in June of 2015.

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a statewide program, run at Jesuit High School by Ms. Tristine Zanotto, that helps academically successful students tutor fellow Marauders in a variety of subjects.

CSF student tutors give up their lunch or flex periods once or twice a week to lend a helping hand to their fellow students. Anyone can seek help from a CSF tutor in the Academic Support Center, and anyone can apply to be a tutor. There are many reasons for a Jesuit student to become a CSF tutor.

“I joined CSF because I previously tutored in middle school, and wanted to continue helping my fellow students,” said Billy Daly ‘17, a second year member of the CSF program.

The CSF program not only helps others, but also provides a chance for participating tutors to receive academic honors in the form of having an embossed seal placed on their diploma at graduation and an item to put on their college resumé. Student tutors can also get higher awards based on their involvement in the program. For Billy, CSF tutoring is a fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

“I greatly enjoy CSF tutoring. It definitely gives me an opportunity to make Jesuit a better place, and it’s very clear that students appreciate personal help with homework and studying.” Billy said.

Both incoming Freshmen and Seniors alike should remember that CSF tutoring is a great way for Jesuit students to be a “man for others” by helping fellow students and strengthening college applications in the process.