Before we were Freshmen

The admissions process for eighth graders is an integral part of the Jesuit High School experience.

“[I was] a little nervous going into the interview because I thought I’d say something wrong or not be able to say something at all, but my interviewer made me feel comfortable and it gave me good insight of what was to come,” said Jordan Rahe ‘18, recalling his journey through the Jesuit admissions process.

Mr. Josh Palone ‘99 thinks that students often should feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension when they look towards the elaborate Jesuit admissions process.  He stated that the main guidelines for judging prospective Jesuit students are their potential to thrive in a college preparatory curriculum and their ability to contribute to Jesuit traditions.

“The admissions process is an art, not a science. Our admissions committee gives merit to each individual application.  These are difficult decisions because [the applicants] are all great kids,” said Mr. Palone.

The results of this process demonstrate themselves throughout the campus.

“[Jesuit wants] students who will be selfless to one another and also help the community and the rest of humanity in the future,” said Ershad Forghany ‘17.

The Jesuit Admissions process should be regarded as a process which ensures a better future for not only the students, but also for Jesuit as an institution. The admissions process is an exciting and mysterious beginning to the Jesuit experience.