A Galley Crew to remember

Jesuit High School’s student cheering section has become a nightmare for opponents.

Jesuit’s “Galley Crew” is not just a place for students to socialize; it has invigorated school spirit, requiring full participation from every Marauder.

At the first home football game against the Yuba City Honkers, Jesuit broke attendance records with Jesuit and Saint Francis High School students overflowing the cheering section of the bleachers.

“The Galley Crew has improved because of the sheer number of people and [their] rowdiness,” said Sam Collins ‘16.

Realizing the large number of  students has a direct correlation to the overall success of the Galley Crew at football games, the cheerleaders and Executive Council work to promote the games more than ever.

“Our goal this year is to revive the Galley Crew back to what it has been in the past,” said Head Cheerleader Jordan Harrison ‘16. “We’ve been planning new, unique ideas that will make everyone have a great time and leav[e] them wanting to come to the next game.”

The most significant addition to this year’s Galley Crew activities was the night rally before the Holy Bowl. The excitement generated by the event contributed to an especially robust student section during the game, powering the football team to triumph. With such a positive result, the night rally is almost guaranteed to return creating a new tradition.

“Every single seat in the gym was occupied and cheers were so loud, you couldn’t even hear your own voice,” said St. Francis student Tahlia Schrock ‘17.

With the basketball season underway, the Galley Crew seeks to further improve attendance and maintain its intensity for the rest of the year.

“The rest of the year will be more than exciting because we have some tricks up our sleeves that everyone will be surprised by. We have the spirit to be the best Galley Crew ever,” Jordan said.