Missing: Vending Machines

You may have noticed that Jesuit High School is missing something it has had for decades: vending machines.

In the past year, a decision was made to remove the vending machines from the campus entirely. Previously, the vending machines had their contents switched out with healthier options, but now the machines are nothing more than a memory.

Why were the vending machines removed? The answer to this riveting question lies in basic supply and demand.

Many years ago, the snacks provided by the vending machines were in demand because they had the “best” food.

Now, the school cafeteria is open after school with a greater number of choices. This caused students to use the Cafe almost entirely, ignoring the vending machines.

“The cafeteria has more filling, tastier food than the vending machines,” said Jiman Kim ‘17.

A decade ago, the vending machines were producing a profit for the school, but in recent years this profit took a huge hit.

“Nobody was buying anything out of them and they were burning up electricity. They made so little money that they weren’t paying for the electricity it took to keep them running,” said Mr. Tim Warren ‘70, Jesuit’s Dean of Students.

It only cost about 200 dollars every year to pay for the electricity to run the machines, and their profit did not even exceed that.

In the end, students were simply not using them anymore, so the school is not experiencing a significant loss.

The cafeteria offers larger, healthier, and tastier food than any vending machine, making it a much better option.