A day of rememberance

Last Friday was Jesuit High School’s Mass of Remembrance, “a chance for us to stop and express gratitude for those people who have given us strength,” said the Director of Liturgy Ms. Annie Crew-Renzo.

What makes it different from the other masses throughout the year? The Mass of Remembrance is an opportunity for Jesuit students to reflect upon and examine their backgrounds and remember all of those who came before, follow their example, and honor their witness.

“[It is a time] ‘to remember’… to remember loved ones that have died, to remember the lives of the saints who paved the way for us in our faith journey, to remember that we can become saintly people if we try,” said Director of Campus Ministry Mr. Paul LeBoeuf.

For the faculty and students who have suffered a loss or are currently grieving over a loss, the Mass of Remembrance provides an environment in which reflection, honor, and celebration for those who have passed is welcomed.

“[This mass is] to say I’m here… I’m me because of all of these people who’ve gone before me… who have shared their life with me,” Ms. Crew-Renzo said.

And so with the year coming to an end and the new year not far behind, the members of the Jesuit community  gathered to remember those who touched their lives.