Student pursues musical growth

Julien Josiah ‘16 learned to play saxophone in seventh grade and since arriving on campus, he has continued to hone his craft in Jesuit High School’s Symphonic, Marching, and Jazz Bands.

Within the Marching and Jazz Bands, Julien holds the position of First Tenor Saxophonist; in Symphonic band, he is the First Alto Saxophonist.

In the Jesuit music program, Julien has grown and become more confident in his own skills. This year, Julien has high hopes for all of the bands.

“One of my goals for Jazz Band is that we earn gold at all of our of competitions and travel to New York for a tour later this year. My goal for marching band is to show everyone in the school how good we sound,” Julien said.

He hopes to make everyone in the school more aware of the bands, as he considers it his favorite activity and form of self-expression at Jesuit.

When asked about the teachers, Mr. John Cargile and Mr. Ron Cunha, Jesuit’s instrumental music teachers, Josiah said “[they are] really good teachers [who] just want the best out of the band.”

Julien still expresses his gratitude towards Mr. Cunha’s recommendation for him to go to the Stanford Jazz Camp, where he was able to meet and learn from people whom he considered great musicians.

“The experience improved me overall,” Julien said.

Altogether, Julien Josiah is a dedicated saxophonist who loves the time he spends in a variety of bands, and believes in the importance of both practice and self-improvement.

“It’s important to realize there’s never a point at which you can stop getting better. You can get better every single day” Julien said.