Jesuit’s Open House invites young men to explore the Jesuit community

Sunday October 18th marks Jesuit High School’s annual Open House, where young men from all over the Sacramento region will have a chance to immerse themselves in what Jesuit has to offer. From 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. every department will be open for interested young men and their families to explore.

In this showcase of Jesuit, prospective students will be able to catch a glimpse of the many opportunities Jesuit has to offer them, including enticing clubs, rigorous academics, religious formation, and nationally-ranked athletics.  Curious students will be able to find their passion in what Jesuit has to offer.

“Open House is a great way for potential students to see what Jesuit is all about. The clubs, classes, and sports each represent a strong side of Jesuit,” said Michael Shea ‘17.

Though part of the success of Jesuit’s previous Open Houses can be attributed to weeks of planning in advance, most of the success can be accredited to the wonderful Jesuit community, which works tirelessly throughout the day in order to provide the best experience possible for each young man exploring Jesuit.

“During Open House, it’s really just up to the Jesuit community, faculty, staff to execute the things that we’ve laid out for them,” said Mr. Josh Palone ‘99, the Director of Admissions at Jesuit. “All that coordination mak[es] sure that they know their role, [and that] Open House [arrives on time].”

After attending Jesuit himself, Mr. Palone hopes that young men and their families leave Jesuit wanting more, and that in attending Jesuit they gain a life changing experience.

What motivates Mr. Palone the most to make Open House a fulfilling experience is seeing families and students in excitement over Jesuit’s offerings.