A calling to teach


On August 20th, 2015, Mrs. Laura Gould taught her first chemistry class at Jesuit High School. Since that first day, her chemistry students have come to know that she is a talented and experienced teacher.

Mrs. Gould was born and raised in Carmichael, California, where she attended Del Campo High School. After graduation, she moved 387 miles south to the University of California Santa Barbara to major in Chemistry and Italian.  

Next, she attended Stanford University, where she earned a master’s degree in education with an emphasis on chemistry that allowed her to become what she had always wanted to be: a teacher.

“My favorite thing is interacting with kids. Kids are fun! And science is fun!” Mrs. Gould said when asked why she loves teaching.

Since her graduation from Stanford, Mrs. Gould has taught at St. Roberts Elementary, Sacramento High School, Da Vinci High School, and the California Learning Center. Eventually, she came to Jesuit, and she plans to stay here forever.

“Jesuit is a fantastic school with high expectations of students and faculty,” Mrs. Gould said when she was asked why she came to Jesuit.

Outside the classroom, Mrs. Gould is a lover of Harry Potter and comic books. Her nine-month old baby is named Logan, after The Wolverine, and his crib sits under a mural that Mrs. Gould handpainted to depict the hand of Harry Potter casting a patronus (think “spirit animal”) in the form of a stag.

“We’re weird, in a fun way,” Mrs. Gould said in reference to her and her husband’s love of Harry Potter.

Mrs. Gould is happy to be at Jesuit and is looking forward to sharing her love of teaching and passion for chemistry with all of her now and future students.