The New Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium

“It’s great,” said Fr. David J. Suwalsky, S.J., the President of Jesuit High School on the topic of the new Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium. “The stadium turned out better than we expected.”

Construction on the Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium began on March 2, 2015. The all-weather turf and track will not only allow year round usage for athletics, but it also aims to build upon the great school spirit for which Jesuit is known.

“[The stadium] has created a sense of pride… not just among the players but within the student body,” said Mr. Greg Harcos ‘89, Athletic Director at Jesuit. “It has helped create a more positive vibe and something students will rally behind.”

Athletes, The Galley Crew, students, and even the marching band are happy to get the opportunity to be apart of the new stadium’s early days.

“We are pretty excited as a whole,” said Zach Williams ‘17, a drummer in the Jesuit marching band. “[The stadium] is really nice; it’s fun being able to [perform in the stadium] for people.”

The stadium has a brand new giant scoreboard, and 300 padded premium seats on the home side between the 40 yard lines. In addition, the stadium will save the school about $60,000 annually because of less watering and field painting, and the installation of turf.

“In order to [have] a sustainable field year round so that the stadium is in as good of shape for lacrosse in the spring, for example, as it is for football in fall, you move to turf,” Fr. David J. Suwalsky, S.J. said.

Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium has given the Jesuit community a renewed sense of pride and school spirit, continuing a successful legacy into the future.