Jesuit differs from its public counterparts

While Jesuit High School and public schools share some similarities, Jesuit is a completely different experience. Students come to Jesuit for a variety of reasons, but certain aspects of the school draw students from all around the Sacramento area.

Chris Johnson, a junior at Jesuit, transferred to Jesuit this year from a public high school.

“I think the major difference is that everyone is more welcoming,” said Chris. “In public school it’s harder to be in a group of friends but at Jesuit I feel like I can talk to anyone.”

Jesuit contains a special brotherhood that other schools may not offer, giving the students the chance to bond and learn about each other.

“Jesuit is a lot different than public school because there are no girls on campus,” Chris said. “It’s cool that I don’t have to worry about what I look like, or get distracted from my school work with girl drama.”

Jesuit offers many sports programs, which is highly appealing to many students.

“I mainly came to Jesuit because of the sport programs,” said junior Christopher Castelle.  “I heard from a couple of friends that Jesuit [had been] very competitive in track.”

Many students go to great lengths of attending Jesuit, one being driving a long way.

“The reason why I drive all the way to Jesuit from Grass Valley is because Jesuit is a lot different from other schools,” Christopher said. “I shadowed at Jesuit and I felt that everyone was so close and that they had a special connection.”

Jesuit also offers their students religious retreats in order to create a stronger bond between their classmates.

“I decided to go to Jesuit instead of Davis because of the many programs Jesuit offers,”said junior Will Baggarly. “I heard from my brother’s friend, who attended Jesuit, that it’s a great school to go to if you want to be prepared for college.”

Jesuit is ultimately a college preparatory school, however, it challenges its students to offer their individual talents and to get the best education they possibly can while attending Jesuit.