Overcoming the Eagles

On March 25, the Jesuit High School Marauders defeated the Pleasant Grove High School Eagles in tennis by a final score of 7-2.

Last time Jesuit took on Pleasant Grove, the Marauders were out matched posting a final score of 8-1, a complete disappointment for the players.

Another loss would not be acceptable for the team, which motivated them to come back for their second game against Pleasant Grove.

After the Marauders rough first two games, they have improved with six straight wins.

“I hustled, I hit, and I never quit,” said senior Jonathan Phenix, when asked about his winning match.

The team has need to persevere through each tough match in the game, but their hard work payed off as they were able to dominate the Eagles.

“We only lost two matches, which was a big improvement from our first game against Pleasant Grove,” said senior Brooks Baxter.

With this win Jesuit’s tennis team is now on pace to make the sections playoffs for tennis, which they hope to win this year. If the Marauders on the tennis team continue to play extremely well they have a great chance to achieve their goal.