Dinner with a show

Having opened near the end of 2014, Studio Movie Grill is a movie theater that serves its customers a meal that they can eat while they watch their movie.

Established in 1999 in Dallas and spreading from there, Studio Movie Grill can provide Jesuit High School students with a great new hangout spot.

“We see all kinds of age groups and different demographics coming to Studio Movie Grill because we welcome everyone and thankfully our concept seems to appeal to everyone,”  said Lynne McQuaker, director of alternate programming, public relations & outreach for Studio Movie Grill.

Studio Movie Grill’s biggest draw is the fact that it not only shows most movies that you can see at any other major movie theaters, but it’s possible to eat a restaurant quality meal during the movie as well.

“The food is great. They have everything you’ll like: pizzas, burgers, quesadillas. But be ready to pay full restaurant prices,” said St. Francis senior Ashley Sutter.

Customers are able to reserve seats anywhere in the theater, and are then encouraged to arrive about half an hour before the movie starts so that they can sit down and order their food before the movie starts.

“The theaters are just like normal ones but with extremely comfy chairs and trays for dining. There’s a button on each tray to push whenever to order food,” said Ashley.

Menu items range from starters like wings for $10 a pound, to a half rack of smoked pork ribs for about $15, and the check for everything is delivered thirty to forty minutes before the end of the movie. “We see most guests enjoying our menu and embracing the concept of in-theater dining rather than simply purchasing popcorn and soda,” said Ms. McQuaker.

Because of the experience that it provides, Studio Movie Grill is also a good place to hang out with friends, or to take a date.

“It’s a good place to take a date because you have a reason to get there early and Studio Movie Grill provides more of an interactive experience,” said Mr. Brendan Rafeld ’10.

Studio Movie Grill’s “dinner with a movie” concept is a new one for the area, but so far it’s been successful. If you want a good meal to go with your movie, then pay a visit to Studio Movie Grill.