Huskies bite again

The house was packed last Friday night when Sheldon High School came to play Jesuit High School.  The game ending with heartbreak as the Huskies winning 77 to 72. Fans, parents, and students all watched two of the league’s top teams as they fought for dominance.

“The game was alive, and the crowd had a good turnout.  It was a bummer to lose because I was there then first time we played them, and we competed well and I thought we should’ve won. In the 2nd game I was sure we were going to get the W,” said senior Mykie Goudreau, who was in front row of the Galley Crew.

Like Mykie, many people knew this game would be one of the hardest the Marauders would play. The huskies started with quite the lead, but in the second half, the game got a little more competitive.

“We didn’t play so well in the first half, but pulled it together in the second half,” said freshman varsity player Darin Similai. “If we could’ve played as well as we did in the second half for the whole game, we would have been unstoppable.”

During the second half, the Marauders fought tooth and nail to close the gap on the scoreboard. Several times the team came close to tying up the game, but the lead the the Huskies had at the beginning of the game dragged on till the very end.

“The team played okay overall,” said senior Team Manager Eric McLaughlin, who sat up top in the stands to film the game. “We struggled in the second quarter but we made it a competitive game by coming out and playing with great intensity in the second half.”

While the win would have been a triumph, the Marauders proved that they can up their game and give any team a run for their money. This game doesn’t have an affect on playoffs, so if the teams performance stays like it was in the second half of this game, there is definitely a chance at a title.