Jesuit’s reaction to the drought

Unless someone is living under a rock, most Californians are aware of the drought this state is facing. Recent rains have helped hydrate California’s drained water reserves; however, much more rain needs to fall before California is out of this drought.

According to, the Central Valley will need about three times the amount of average annual rainfall until September of 2015 to bring levels back to normal.

Since California is facing such a serious lack in its water reserves, what is Jesuit High School doing to lessen its burden on these limited resources?

“We [Jesuit High School] are watering significantly less and only watering fields that need to be healthy for safety reasons, like the football field. We are also being especially proactive in checking to make sure sprinklers, toilets, water fountains, and sinks are working properly to reduce waste,” said Mr. Kevin Fleming, grounds supervisor.

Jesuit students are also taking it upon themselves to conserve water in various ways.

“I think the best way to conserve water is for individual people to be frugal with their water use at home, school, and everywhere they go. TIMG_5608ake shorter showers, do not leave sinks running unnecessarily, and only order water at restaurants if you think you will drink it. Personally, I have been turning off the sink while I brush my teeth to prevent water from being wasted.,” said senior Parker Bell.

Jesuit students are using the water refilling stations on campus to refill their water bottles more efficiently. By using these refilling stations, it is easier to collect more water in bottles and less water is wasted down the drain.

“I have stopped taking long showers once or twice a day and now only take three short showers a week. I miss my frequent, long showers but I know I need to do my part to conserve water during the drought,” said senior Kyle Jacobs.

Although it can be difficult and inconvenient to conserve water, Jesuit High School and its students know it is for the best. Not only are we helping to prevent the drought from worsening, we are also developing an appreciation for when water is in higher supply.